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Frequently asked questions

My gums are bleeding from time to time why?

Bleeding of the gums especially when brushing is a sign of inflammation. This may be an acute reaction of your gums that will go away soon, but also can be a sign of a chronicle gum disease Called “Periodontitis”.

I have a bad smell in my mouth what can be the reason?

Bad smell is often the reaction when you have cavities in the teeth or chronicle gum disease. Please contact Centro Dental so we can check for the reasons and help you with this problem.

Do wisdom teeth have always to be removed?

No as long as there is enough space for them so they do not endanger the neighboring teeth there is no reason to remove them.

Why are implants a good solution to replace lost teeth?

An implant is the closest to nature like replacement of single or several missing teeth because you replace a lost tooth with an artificial root. This way your body preserves the mandibular bone and strength and esthetically you get very good results with the high comfort and the feeling like there is no difference between your own teeth and an implant.

Can I lighten up the colour of my teeth?

Yes the easiest way to do so is a bleaching of your teeth. This can be done at home but we recommend for you to achieve the best, safe results visit Centro Dental.

I am not happy with the shape and / or position of my teeth and want to improve my smile what can I do?

You need a “smile analysis” carried out by Centro Dental then we can recommend whether it is necessary to have Veneers or crowns or other treatments in order to have perfect “Hollywood-Smile”. There are no limits to make your teeth look as perfect as you want.

Does a chronicle gum disease –Periodontitis- endanger my general health?

Yes! It is nowadays common medical knowledge that the same bacteria that cause periodontal disease are responsible for heart weakness, may cause infarcts and among many other unwished side effects including the increase in diabetic problems.

I have local recessions in my gums is there a solution for me?

There is a special technique of gum transplantation that in many cases can help you to solve this problem.

I am struck with a strong dental fear, can you offer me a solution to help me with my dental problems?

Yes, there are several ways to cope with the several degrees of dental fears. At Centro Dental we are sympathetic to your personal needs and desires. We have the philosophy that no treatment needs to be painful or harmful to you. Fortunately nowadays we have a wide variety of drugs that protect you from any kind of pain during the treatment and we can provide you with home medicine for the post-treatment phase. For our very nervous patients we have special drugs that put you in a semisleeping state where you are able to react to any kind of question but leave you in a calm and relaxed way that you do not realize the treatment procedure itself. No need today anymore to fear the visit at your dentist!

Which fillings are suitable for me, do you use Amalgam?

No, for more than 15 years Centro Dental has not used Amalgam fillings. Patients are at risk due to the content of (not only) Mercury in that material, but because esthetically there are much better solutions today. You can choose between state of the art Ceramic inlays or Gold Inlays where ethetics are not that important, or high-tech composite materials that reconstruct your tooth.

I want a large remodeling of my teeth to be made but I want to see what I will get before the final reconstructions are made. Can you help me?

At Centro dental you can have a provisional restoration made before the final reconstruction is manufactured. This enables you see and wear the result before we start and if you want alterations to be made we can take these before the final work.

Is there a self-diagnosis for periodontal disease?

There is an App for I-phone and Android available in German from The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parodontologie which can be downloaded from their homepage: https://www.dgparo.de/ this helps you to find out about your risk.