Teeth whitening is nowadays a common procedure to brighten up your natural teeth. With teeth whitening procedures we usually achieve a lightening of your teeth for 2 grades on our colour scale. Of course before whitening a thorough cleaning of the teeth will be performed and then we can whiten your teeth in a procedure that takes about 45 – 50 minutes. The whitening effect is to be seen immediately and will continue during the following 2 days. The effect of the whitening lasts for about 2 years and then gradually fades out. The whitening treatment can be repeated any time. We as well offer a procedure of home bleaching with individually produced bleaching trays. You wear those trays filled with the bleaching gel for a certain time and can create the effect you want at home for yourself. It is very important to be aware that only natural teeth can be whitened, there exists no way to bleach dental restorations like fillings or crowns. If you have visible fillings or crowns these will show a difference later to the colour of your teeth and should be adjusted or replaced.


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