It is out aim to make you smile – more often and brighter than before!Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance. Are you hesitating when you smile or would you like to increase your self confidence? Do you want to improve your appearance in any kind of social and professional situation?

There are several design principles which are used to create an esthetic smile. It is the whole face and the proportions in it that must be taken care of in order to make your smile esthetic and natural looking. The middle line of the face must coincide with the teeth middle line, the “incisal plane” should be parallel to a line that extends between the pupils of the eyes (called the inter pupillary line). These are just 2 of many parameters that we take care of in order to improve your looks. We keep to these principles to create restorations in harmony with your facial features and you will love the result.

Smile Design

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