More than 90% of the adult population in Europe have at least a small problem as far as the gums and dental bone are concerned. This disease starts as a light reversible Gingivitis, which shows by gum bleeding when brushing, and eventually becomes a chronic disease which previously could not be cured entirely, only leaving the possibility to stop the progression of it. Cause of all this is an infection with certain types of bacteria that in the long run will destroy the fixation of the tooth in the bone and cause loss of teeth. Fortunately nowadays the treatment of this has changed and we at Centro Dental are able to help our patients. In many cases we can regain lost bone with regeneration techniques, can replace lost gums in local recessions with transplants and stop the progression of the infection. The bacteria causing this are not only responsible for dental problems, but can also cause heart problems up to an infarct, enhance the progression of diabetes and many more unwished problems so when you show us your teeth we will look at your gums too.


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