The professional cleaning of your teeth is a procedure we all know and which is absolutely necessary in order to prevent well known dental illnesses. In our mouth are existing more than 200 different types of bacteria. Fortunately most of them are harmless or even good for our health. Few of those bacteria are responsible for cavities or periodontal diseases . These germs do not only invade the oral cavity but through many ways can cause problems in our whole body e.g. heart diseases, enhance diabetes, cause premature birth and many more. With the professional cleaning procedure we offer not only the hard resisting plaques (tartar) will be removed, but as well the soft, sticky and smeary plaque is polished away. We give your teeth a professional polish that not only makes your teeth bright and shiny but also enables you to clean your teeth better and easier at home – in order to prevent your teeth and gums from becoming infected. Of course all the stains on your teeth originating from tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine… will be removed. In many cases your teeth appear lighter and whiter than before because we uncover your original tooth colour. The final thing is a sealing of your teeth that prevents sensitivity to cold and hot.


Centro Dental Costa Blanca